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Perhaps you have already noticed that a fundamentally new period of IT is now upon us--the era of adaptation—in which our systems learn from their experiences with us, and then deliver this learning back to us in ways that make us all smarter and more productive. Emerging from this era of adaptation is a radically new phenomenon that goes well beyond the bounds and categories that have come before it, called the learning layer.

The learning layer is a merging of people and systems that automatically learns, evolves, and integrates into the very fabric of your business. The learning layer takes its lessons from the way the brain works, taps into the cognitive surplus of your organization, and leads to possibilities for attaining whole new levels of business productivity, innovation, and sustainable advantages. It makes the dream of the truly adaptive enterprise a reality.

Its ingenious design and exciting implications are fully revealed for the first time by Steven Flinn, the inventor of the learning layer. Mr. Flinn draws on his experience and expertise as a senior global executive, CIO, strategist, scientist, and inventor, to provide an in-depth look at the learning layer and how it promises to transform the performance of your organization.

The Learning Layer is written for business executives who want to begin staking out opportunities for taking their businesses to the next level of performance, as well as for practitioners in fields such as IT, knowledge management, organizational learning, and business innovation. And business and technology futurists who seek to  understand, and extrapolate from, the next major wave of IT capabilities will find much to consider in these pages.


The Learning Layer is written and organized to appeal to a wide variety of reader segments. It is highly relevant to knowledge workers and their leaders who want to understand the next generation capabilities for making their organizations more productive. It is a mandatory read for those in charge of organizational learning and corporate education processes. It will appeal to business and technology futurists who seek to understand, and extrapolate from, the next major wave of information technology-based capabilities. It is indispensable to information technology practitioners and executives who need to understand the new opportunities the learning layer presents, and how to rapidly take advantage of the opportunities. And it provides business and technology consultants critical insights on how the learning layer represents a new platform for enterprise solutions -- and yes, even Silicon Valley will glean a thing or two from this book.

Read The Learning Layer and get started building the next level of intellect in your organization!



The book is arranged in four sections to make it highly accessible to busy readers with diverse interests.

I: IMPERATIVE & OPPORTUNITY ________________________________

1 Introduction
The third wave of information technology is here: the era of adaptation.

2 Intellectual Capital Acceleration: The Competitive Imperative
Learning to learn better is the only sustainable competitive advantage, and we now have a new means to do so: the learning layer

II: THE LEARNING LAYER  ____________________________________

3 Lessons from the Brain
The brain is a vast network that learns by adjusting and reconfiguring its connections.

4 The Architecture of Learning
Systems that learn need to be based on “fuzzy” networks that can reconfigure themselves.

5 The End of Zombie Systems!
Social awareness and learning from experience can now be built into our systems – a farewell to zombies!

6 Adaptive Recommendations
Automatically generated recommendations and explanations based on a responsive social awareness are the basis for the new standard system interface.

7 The Learning Layer Emerges
The socially aware system can direct recommendations back to itself, self-modifying its fuzzy network, thereby engendering the emergence of an entirely new phenomenon – an evolving network of people and knowledge. It is us, yet far more than just us.

8 Social Networks and Knowledge Management Unite!
Our social networks should no longer be divorced from our content. Fortunately, they can be seamlessly integrated within the learning layer, enabling entirely new ways to manage and measure organizational learning.

9 Processes that Learn
Workflow can also be integrated into the learning layer network, and can automatically adapt based on the needs of the user. The process of learning and work finally become one in the same, as they should be.


10 The Fabric of Business
The fabric of a business includes its strategy, capabilities, and culture, and must be capable of adaptation. A tapestry of value-generating possibilities is woven from the array of potential fabrics.

11 Learning and Value
The projects and activities of a business naturally fall into zones of value that are distinguished by the proportion of the total value that is attributed to learning value.

12 Business Renewal and Innovation
Business renewal is of special importance to organizational learning as it comprises activities for which the major source of value is learning value, and it serves as the engine of business vitality and growth.

13 A Fabric of a Different Nature
Combining leading practice processes for business renewal with the learning layer yields a business fabric with emergent qualities, vastly increased generative capacity, and an ability to make the adaptive enterprise a reality.

14 Learning Layer Application Tour
Powerful applications of the learning layer abound throughout the tapestry of business possibilities, weaving new patterns of value from people and systems in areas ranging from R&D to supply chain to customer relationships to human resources.


15 Implementing the Learning Layer
The simple steps to make the learning layer a reality in your organization.

16 Conclusion
A recap of our journey and a hint of even more to come.


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